Olaf Kliche
Software Developer
Buchenbühl 3a
88171 Weiler-Simmerberg
Tel.: +49 176 / 382 714 49

(In South Germany)
I create Software for you - freelancer contract is preferred.
Programs run at customers place normally and cannot run here
Samples of work can be seen here.

Laminate Theory

C++ Qt-Programm, Matrices Calculation and Optimization.
Linux + Windows

Best Stacking of Surface Material to reduce weight of Airplanes.

Infos and download ...

Generic Engine

Generic Engine is a project from okl.de, this website and hoonsworld.de.
The Name is the Program - meaning is that you can inherit from Engine
in generic, typesafe way.

Play around - if your Browser is java enabled.

3 Graphic Algorithm: Convex hull around dots.
Start Java Applet (~150 kb) and you can choose 'Graham Scan',
'Jarvis March' or Quickhull Algorithm.

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