Olaf Kliche
Software Developer
Buchenbühl 3a
88171 Weiler-Simmerberg
Tel.: +49 176 / 382 714 49

(In South Germany)

Freelancer for BELIMO Automation AG (Hinwil / Schweiz)
Projekt: Upgrade Communication DLL (MP-Bus+NFC) C++17
Review of Android NFC Source (Java)
Implementation NFC/NXP Chip - FEIG Reader Communication

Freelancer for KARL STORZ SE & Co. KG (Germany: Stutensee near Karlsruhe)
Project: Client Userinterfaces
Qt-Client,Android Client, wysiwyg XML/GUI Editor
Video Streaming (gstreamer wrapper)

Clion, cmake, git, Android Studio

Freelancer for ABB gomTec GmbH (Germany: Seefeld near Munich)
Project: Userinterface (HMI)
ABB ComLib (Communication library)

C#, UWP-Apps, Classic Application
Visual Studio, TFS

Freelancer for Besi Austria GmbH (Austria: Radfeld, between Innsbruck und Wörgl)
Project: Real Time Variables
Servo Axis Programing

C/C++ ( Linux, Cross Compilation )
Linux, IDE: Qt Creator

Freelancer for REWE (Köln)
Project: Weather

C/C++ (IBM DB2 Mainframe)
Development, Weather influence of selling prognosis
combination of statistic and SQL
Linux, IDE: Eclipse

Freelancer for ADASENS Automotive GmbH
Project: Tooling Automotive

C++ ( Can Bus, openGl, XML, Qt, Bilderverarbeitung )
Inhouse Framework, ADTF
Windows, IDE: Visual Studio

Main developing in Lindau (South Germany),
International experience in Spain and Sweden

Cooperation with hoonsworld.de


Laser Micro Material processing
C# <-> PLC/SPS
International experience in USA/Oregon + South Korea

InnoLas GmbH (Munic)

Freelancer: Webdesign, Help and IT Consultant

Employed: Atron / Markt Schwaben (near Munic)
"C" / Cross Plattform Development (PThreads;)

Freelancer:IO Part of Filesharing Systems.
Java: Decode(..),HTTP,XML-RPC,NNTP

Java/C++ Freelancer - Web (JSP).

Employed: Getriebe Lohman + Stolterfoht

Intranet und Internet Development Java/Javascript + HTML

Employed: Ton-Art GmbH in Düsseldorf

Java DEvelopment: Java/XML-Configuration Tool
Online Voting ( -> )

Employed: WinSoft / GFT. in Dortmund.

Development Java-Front-End for Call Center Solution. (Customer = Deutsche Post AG)

Employed: Firma BOheads Bochum, C++/Java Entwickler.
wysiwyg - Editor in Java for ET-Box Projekt.
Interface to media neutral database (Objectivity -> Katalogsystem)

Freelancer: ISIS GmbH in Wesel, YOI (Your Own Information) in C++

Freelancer: Telekom - Concept Writer: ADS (Information Data Server)

Freelancer: SIEMENS - GIS Development
(C++ / MFC) .
(GIS = Graphical Information System)

Employed: Firma Steinmayr GmbH
C/C++ Developing Interface between UNIX and Telefoncomputer.
Hicom-Terminal-Emulation under SIENIX.
Parallel : 3 Years C/C++ lecturer. (VHS)
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